Mark LanzuelaCreative Artist

Mark Lanzuela is a Filipino filmmaker, photographer, and singer based in Thailand. Born in the Philippines, he has always been passionate about life and telling stories. After graduating from college with a degree in Business, he briefly worked in the Philippines and he moved to Thailand to pursue his dreams of becoming a documentary filmmaker. The first step in Marks career was to become a professional photographer. He developed his craft while he worked on various projects and eventually, he was able to establish himself as an accomplished photographer.

After working as a photographer for some time, Mark decided to venture into filmmaking. He directed/produced several school promotional, dance/music videos, and documentaries which have gained him recognition and appreciation in the British International School in Thailand. Marks love for music eventually led him to take up singing as well.

He has been writing and performing music since he was a child, and his music is a reflection of his Filipino heritage, as well as his experiences living in the Philippines and abroad. His music has a unique blend of pop, soul, and folk, and his lyrics are often deeply personal and reflective. Mark has released his first Christmas single “The Christmas Song”, a cover of the late Nat King Cole’s original.

Although Mark is passionate about his work, he also puts in a lot of effort to give back to the community. He is actively involved in charity work and supports numerous causes. He also regularly volunteers at some non-profit organisation in Thailand to help the less fortunate.