Experience Bangkok’s Unique Markets – A Trip to Damnoen Floating Market and Maeklong Railway Market!

If you’re looking for an interesting and unique day trip from Bangkok to explore two of Thailand’s most famous markets, then a visit to the Damnoen Floating Market and Maeklong Railway Market is a must! To get there, the easiest way is to take a taxi from Bangkok to the Damnoen Floating Market which is located in Damnoen Saduak District of Ratchaburi Province.

The ride should take around two hours depending on traffic. Alternatively, you can also take a mini van from Victory Monument in Bangkok to Damnoen Saduak District and then take a tuk-tuk to the market. Upon arrival, take a boat ride around the floating market and observe the locals selling their goods from their boats. From there, you can visit some of the nearby fruit farms and sample the local produce. The next stop is the Maeklong Railway Market.

To get there, you can take a taxi or a mini van from the Damnoen Floating Market which should take around 1 hour. The Maeklong Railway Market is unique in that the train passes right through the center of the market, so you can experience the unique atmosphere of the market as the train comes and goes. After exploring the markets, you can take a taxi or a mini van back to Bangkok.


• Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking

• Have cash handy as the markets are cash only or the local bank transfer

• Bring an umbrella or a hat to protect yourself from the sun

• Bring a bag to carry your purchases

• Start your day early to beat the heat and the crowds.

Don’t miss out on our journey to this amazing place – watch the video now!

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