Filming the Behind and Beyond the Curtain of Bugsy Malone Musical

It was a momentous occasion when Bangkok Patana School announced that they were going to be producing their first full-scale musical production in four years. After the Covid-19 pandemic shut down schools and theatres around the world, this was the first large-scale production that the school was able to put on. As a filmmaker, I was given the opportunity to document the behind the scenes of this production.

30 minutes before the final show

The production was Bugsy Malone, a classic musical from the 1970s. The school assembled a talented cast of students from all grades and levels, as well as a live orchestra to play in the pit. With the guidance of their dedicated music and theatre teachers, the students worked tirelessly throughout the months leading up to the show.

Before the show even began, it was clear that the students were passionate and dedicated to their craft. During rehearsals, I was able to witness the students’ enthusiasm and commitment to the show. Each student put their all into their performances, and the ensemble was a tightly-knit group of performers.

When the show finally opened, it was a magical night. The audience was full of family and friends of the cast, as well as members of the school community. As the orchestra played in the pit, the audience was entranced by the students’ singing and dancing. It was an incredible experience to witness the show and to be a part of the behind-the-scenes production.

After the final night, I was able to film the cast and their teachers reflecting on the show. It was inspiring to hear the students’ stories of how they prepared and performed, as well as their memories of the show. It was clear that the show had been a great success, and it was an experience that the entire cast and crew would never forget.

My experience filming the behind the scenes of Bugsy Malone at Bangkok Patana School was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Despite the challenges of this pandemic, the school was able to put on a full-scale musical production with a live orchestra. It was an incredible reminder of the power of the arts, and how they can bring us together even in the darkest of times.

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