Photography Workshop in Foundation Stage

Teaching wildlife photography to the foundation stage students of Bangkok Patana School was an incredible experience. The students, who range from four to six years old, were full of enthusiasm and eager to learn about the fascinating world of animals.

Before starting the lesson, I introduced the students to the basics of photography and explained some of the fundamentals of wildlife photography that they might be able to understand. I explained the importance of taking good photographs and the need to be aware of our environment when taking photos. I also talked about the different types of cameras, lenses, and how to use the different settings on the camera to get the best possible shots.

The students were all excited to use the iPads and digital cameras to take pictures, and I showed them how to properly use the cameras on the iPads to take the best possible shots. We then went outside and took pictures of the wildlife including birds, squirrels and some turtles we saw at the playground. 

The students were amazed at the different types of animals they saw and were full of questions. We talked about the various animals that we saw, as well as their features and behavior.

The children learned to stay quiet whilst taking their photos to ensure that the creatures wouldn’t scurry away before the photo was snapped! This wonderful learning opportunity was very fun and engaging for the FS children and I enjoyed it too!

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